Hello and welcome to hindsight 101 where you learn about things that will help you in everyday life if you want to know the five power tools that I recommend that every homeowner needs for remodel and repair.

Stay tuned so first up we're going to talk about the brad nailer. I have a cordless one I also have an air-powered one but it's such a hassle you're tethered to a cord you have this big huge tank that you have to lug around and it's not convenient when you want to go around the house inside or out. So when these came out I thought they were great they have gas card ones too but those are a lot more expensive more powerful.

So if you're into construction yes but for everyday home use battery ones work just fine I have a craftsman it works perfectly for me but there are many other brands as well. I use it a lot for crown molding baseboards anything that I have to hang up especially if I'm doing projects that I need to glue to make sure they stay sealed tight I would definitely recommend this for the homeowner especially if you're doing repairs remodel this thing will save you a lot of time and a lot of effort where you won't have to nail or drill things especially with your gluing.

It's pretty lights my wife uses it all the time. She likes it as well she can use it one-handed no problem doesn't have any issues with it so it gets her seal of approval as well. I can't complain you can adjust the settings for how deep you want to go they have two options for as much power. I can use just a standard small crafts and battery but I also have a larger for amp hour battery as well just in case I need the extra runtime.

Next, we're going to talk about a miter saw these things work really well especially if you need to make clean cuts. I used a lot same thing for baseboards crown molding so I just want to cut some two-by-fours up for whatever project I'm working on I use it a lot for that as well I have the 10-inch model you can get a 12 inch they are more expensive but they do have a bigger cut.

So if you have longer pieces of wood I also have a sliding one you can see here that you can slide back and forth so that helps to make longer cuts as well you can also go for smaller one of seven and a quarter. I have that one also I have a battery-powered one those are great for when you want to take it on the go or outside and you don't have to be tethered to a cord. Compared to cord or recorded it just it won't last as long when you're going off a battery power make sure you get the four amp battery or depending on what brand you have they go is enlarger but get the bigger one.

The smaller ones just won't cut it they have dual level where you can go both sides like this the only benefit to that is having a dual bevel going once you don't have to flip the wood every time you want to make a cut but those again are more expensive when you get the dual bevel. I have a dual-bevel my smaller ones but not my larger one but I just want you to know how a central these how essential this tool is for me when I'm doing some repairs or remodeling or building anything. And I would suggest getting a shot back if you don't already have one because dust collection on this thing you get a little bag but it is horrible.

So I would definitely get a shop vac it'll pick up a lot more dust than the little bag will here I have my cordless circular saw this thing is indispensable. I like the fact that it's cordless so I'm not tied to a core plus it's a lot lighter than my quartered model. It's just kind of heavy and if I'm cutting large pieces of wood then yes the corded one works perfectly but just slicing through some two-by-fours or some thin plywood this thing cuts just like butter as long as you get a good blade on it.

I use Diablo they come highly recommended they're not very expensive and they cut they cut very well so as long as you get a good blade these little ones can do a fantastic thing. I like definitely like about this one when I'm cutting I can see the blade I know it's personal preference most late are going to be on the other side if you're right-handed as you can see here but this one I particularly wanted this one because I wanted to blade on the left-hand side so I can see it while I'm cutting.

It all depends on what you're used to usually the smaller lighter ones come on the left-hand side so this worked out pretty well for me.

So next we'll talk about the more compact they call them 12 votes all votes and 18 votes are pretty much the standards they have a lot more crazy powerful ones but those are more for construction workers and if that's your trade but if you just a homeowner really you can get by with the 12 volt. Really light so I'm lifting something overhead for a very long time it's a lot lighter to do that my wife also likes them because she likes how light they are and they work really well for her so I bought her her own.

I advise you have your wife have our own tools it'll save your marriage trust me compared to my to riches these are normal sized impact driver and the drill driver you can see they are a lot smaller lighter the batteries are smaller because they're 12 volts these are the normal 18 volt batteries of 2 milliamps. So those are pretty standard size batteries for the larger 18 volts definitely tell that they're much lighter smaller very easy to use and they still pack a lot of power.

It'll be plenty of power for whatever you need for the standard homeowner. I like having the different tools just in case I need the extra power sometimes I help out friends with different projects so that's why I kind of have both platforms but really you can get by with just a 12 volt and you won't really have a problem. I guarantee it.

So last but not least we're going to talk about the oscillating tool. These things are a jack-of-all-trades when I use with this any type of cutting that I need if I'm having a trouble getting to a little certain angle. The blades are so thin that I can just go right in there and cut something I need to trim off a little bit of a baseboard a good thing.

I like about this is I can cut through wood pretty much like butter drywall what I did was I installed my own cable and networking throughout my house and this is what I use to cut the drywall. You can use a drywall knife but you'll be stalling for days so this it just kind of goes right through and in and out you think with all that that he can cut through nothing happens to my finger my finger is fine.

I also have the corded version this one the reason why I got recorded as well as I get a lot more power out of this. So if I'm cutting something kind of thick or tough this is definitely the one I'll pull out. The only difference with some of the ones that you go up in price and quality the vibration you don't feel it so much in your hand anymore and then the cutting capacity it kind of just cuts a little bit but like this one cuts a lot wider so it gives it gives a better cut than some of the other ones. Definitely, would recommend the oscillating tool number one tool if you were going to get it.


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