We are going to show you how to use a reciprocating saw properly. There are different reasons why we use this particular reciprocating saw. In remodeling, you are going to come across a lot of sections where this will be the only tool you can use to cut with what you have to cut. A lot of plumbers and electricians will use this tool to cut into studs, to cut plates out. When you have a bottom plate like this and you have a stud coming up, if you need to run a wire or pipe across it, you will come across with your saw and cut your sections out. You can not get in there with any other kind of saw but this saw.

This is the one tool that you will use the most in remodeling. There is just a million uses for this mostly for cutting and obscuring places where you can't get anything else in there. You will see I am using blades up to 12 inches long to cut all the way through a whole wall. Plumbers use it for PVC piping to cut their pipe when running new construction or remodeling. There are areas where you are going to get that absolutely nothing else will work but this saw. And it is very handy, you will rarely find a professional without this saw in their bag..

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