Introducing the miles craft knee blades. The knee blades high-quality design allows for balanced flexibility and mobility while remaining in a comfortable kneeling position. Are your knees and back tired of getting up and down every time your projects require you to kneel or cover a large work area? Doing this over the course of a long day can become tedious and painful.

The knee blades provide comfortable and stable support with the ability to roll across the work area with ease. With a comfortable fitting contour, the knee blades evenly displace weight and lessen pressure on the knees. The three-wheeled mobile base allows for a full 360 degrees of turning capability. The knee blades come with durable non-marring swivel casters that are rated at 80 pounds each for our total capacity of 480 pounds these casters roll easily over most work surfaces.

With the push of a button you can go from knee blades sandy pads the knee blades come with a tapered gel pad with a durable plastic outer shell and built-in velcro strap. To remove the knee blades from the knee pad simply push the black button on the lower front and pull up and when it's time to kneel and glide simply snap the knee blade back into place. The knee blades were designed to offer comfortable support mobility over a long project day. Here are just a few examples of how the knee blades can be used. If you have ever wanted to effortlessly move around the floor while doing those back-breaking jobs and stop getting up and down, get a set of miles craft knee blades.

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