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What did I do wrong? You had a blade pinched because it dropped on either side, Oh, I see, and then there's tension on there. When the motor's, when you hear that sort of thing, you're like “Ugh” immediately because it's like damaging itself as it's doing that. That's fine, it should be fine. Now there might be a little rubber smell from the belt. So, what happened here is as Paul was making this cut, the blade cut deeper and deeper until there was just a tiny little corner of wood left, and that little bit, was just a bit too flexible and with the wood being heavy on either side, and only supported by a small table saw sled, it came down on either side and pinched down on that blade and stalled it. READ MORE

What Table Saw Should I Buy?

Welcome my friends to the first official shop talk. Now this is kinda breaking from the format of what we usually do with our project videos. It's going to be a short, quick, to the point answer to someone's email. Cause I get a lot of questions via email, and it's nice to put it in a format that's useful for everybody, and can be found in the future if you need that information.

I'd also like to use it as an opportunity to tell you what's going on in the shop, if there's anything I need to update you on community stuff like that. Alright, so, let's get right into it. First things first, I got a couple stickers. A big thank you to everybody who sends these stickers in, these are awesome. And VanceMaker, by the way, dude's five years old. Check him out. So, what's been going on in my life? Well, two months ago, Nicole gave birth two our second child, Ava Elizabeth Spagnolo. She's doing great, she was born early just like her brother. And we did the whole NICU preemie thing, which is never really all that fun but all we can ask for is a healthy baby, and that's what we have. So, she's doing great. Mom's doing great and life is good. The other thing is, I just finished up my gaming dining table. Now, that's a gild project and you can buy the plans if you want to. But I'm also gonna make a free video, because I'm getting a lot of inquiries about it, people wanna see it go together and I can certainly do one of those fast videos. READ MORE

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