Watering with Ollas or Growoya Vessel

Hello gardening friends, welcome to backyard basics. I'm John Dromgoole. Well, watering is getting pretty tough these days. We are using a lot of water in the garden and we are looking to conserve it the best way we can. Traditionally we use a water can or a drip system and we are watering from above that way. We are trying to get the roots down deep so they can get to where the water is and the nutrients really are. Using the water can to do that doesn't really work very well, it takes a lot of water to get it down there. So there are some ancient ways of doing this. There are some techniques that have been practiced by the Chinese for 4000 years and other parts of the area especially northern Africa does this too. So the watering can is still useful to you, especially when you put seedlings in because they are up on the surface and so you use that at first. And then you might try something like this, this is that ancient watering technique that I was talking about. READ MORE

Milescraft 1603 KneeBlades

Introducing the miles craft knee blades. The knee blades high-quality design allows for balanced flexibility and mobility while remaining in a comfortable kneeling position. Are your knees and back tired of getting up and down every time your projects require you to kneel or cover a large work area? Doing this over the course of a long day can become tedious and painful.

The knee blades provide comfortable and stable support with the ability to roll across the work area with ease. With a comfortable fitting contour, the knee blades evenly displace weight and lessen pressure on the knees. The three-wheeled mobile base allows for a full 360 degrees of turning capability. The knee blades come with durable non-marring swivel casters that are rated at 80 pounds each for our total capacity of 480 pounds these casters roll easily over most work surfaces. READ MORE

5 Quick Measuring Hacks - Tips and Tricks

Today I'm going to talk about some measuring tips and tricks for you. Let's get on with these measuring tips OK. Let's start off today quickly with tape measures. This is a carpenter's tape measure 25 feet we don't need that 25-foot tape measure in the workshop. So what I like to do is pick up these smaller ones they're usually 10 or 12 feet now I'm right-handed so the first thing I do when I go to measure something is pick up a pencil in my right hand and then if I pick up a tape measure and I hold it in my left hand and most of the tape measures on the market are like this. When I hold them in my left hand the numbers are all upside down and I know it's been the cause of me marking things wrong because the numbers are upside down. I've done that over the years but I discovered this a few years ago that you could actually buy tapes that when you hold them in your left hand the numbers are the right way up. This tape is the single reason I've made so few mistakes because when I mark stuff now I see the numbers the right way up and I just don't make mistakes when I use this kind of tape. I will tell you there are some tapes that have both they'll have both numbers on the same tape so they'll have this and then they'll have another one upside down so it doesn't matter what hand you hold it in you'll be able to read the right way numbers. So just be aware that there are a variety of tapes and I have to do is go and look for them. READ MORE

What did I do wrong? You had a blade pinched because it dropped on either side, Oh, I see, and then there's tension on there. When the motor's, when you hear that sort of thing, you're like “Ugh” immediately because it's like damaging itself as it's doing that. That's fine, it should be fine. Now there might be a little rubber smell from the belt. So, what happened here is as Paul was making this cut, the blade cut deeper and deeper until there was just a tiny little corner of wood left, and that little bit, was just a bit too flexible and with the wood being heavy on either side, and only supported by a small table saw sled, it came down on either side and pinched down on that blade and stalled it. READ MORE

Why is a Carpenter’s Pencil Flat?

Have you ever wondered why a carpenter's pencil is square and flat?  Well, I got to tell you this if you think it's because it just looks cool and rests perfectly behind your ear. There are some things that our carpenter's pencil can do that just might surprise you.  Today's video has to do with a carpenter's pencil and if you think that it's square so that rest you know perfectly behind the ear well you would be incorrect.

I want to show you a number of things that a carpenter's pencil can do. This just might surprise you now this may be a little obvious but a number two pencil will roll on your board a carpenter's pencil is flat so that when you're working on an incline it stays put.  Now here's the thing with a carpenter's pencil the dimensions it's deliberate it's not random it's actually well thought out because your pencil, believe it or not, can be used as a measuring device. READ MORE


Yakamoz 1/4″ Shank Reversible Finger Glue Joint Router Bit READ MORE

What Table Saw Should I Buy?

Welcome my friends to the first official shop talk. Now this is kinda breaking from the format of what we usually do with our project videos. It's going to be a short, quick, to the point answer to someone's email. Cause I get a lot of questions via email, and it's nice to put it in a format that's useful for everybody, and can be found in the future if you need that information.

I'd also like to use it as an opportunity to tell you what's going on in the shop, if there's anything I need to update you on community stuff like that. Alright, so, let's get right into it. First things first, I got a couple stickers. A big thank you to everybody who sends these stickers in, these are awesome. And VanceMaker, by the way, dude's five years old. Check him out. So, what's been going on in my life? Well, two months ago, Nicole gave birth two our second child, Ava Elizabeth Spagnolo. She's doing great, she was born early just like her brother. And we did the whole NICU preemie thing, which is never really all that fun but all we can ask for is a healthy baby, and that's what we have. So, she's doing great. Mom's doing great and life is good. The other thing is, I just finished up my gaming dining table. Now, that's a gild project and you can buy the plans if you want to. But I'm also gonna make a free video, because I'm getting a lot of inquiries about it, people wanna see it go together and I can certainly do one of those fast videos. READ MORE

I'm Brad from fix this build that and today I'm going to show you how to make this downdraft sanding table. It hooks up to a dust collection system or a shop vac pull suction so that you can sand on top of it. All the dust goes down into the collection system instead of up into the air and into your lungs.

I started the build by cutting the pegboard top to size at 18 by 24 inches which is a bit bigger than the one I've previously built. I found I needed just a little more room for sanding the size cutting boards that I make. I rip six inch strips out of half-inch MDF to the sides. I cut the long sides to 24 inches and the short ones to 19 inches. READ MORE

Hello and welcome to hindsight 101 where you learn about things that will help you in everyday life if you want to know the five power tools that I recommend that every homeowner needs for remodel and repair.

Stay tuned so first up we're going to talk about the brad nailer. I have a cordless one I also have an air-powered one but it's such a hassle you're tethered to a cord you have this big huge tank that you have to lug around and it's not convenient when you want to go around the house inside or out. So when these came out I thought they were great they have gas card ones too but those are a lot more expensive more powerful. READ MORE

How to Use a Reciprocating Saw

We are going to show you how to use a reciprocating saw properly. There are different reasons why we use this particular reciprocating saw. In remodeling, you are going to come across a lot of sections where this will be the only tool you can use to cut with what you have to cut. A lot of plumbers and electricians will use this tool to cut into studs, to cut plates out. When you have a bottom plate like this and you have a stud coming up, if you need to run a wire or pipe across it, you will come across with your saw and cut your sections out. You can not get in there with any other kind of saw but this saw. READ MORE

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